Snoring Treatment / Sleep Apnea Treatment in Malaysia


While there are over the counter treatments that you can use, many are not successful in treating snoring successfully.

Get an effective snoring cure through quick and minimally invasive laser treatment or radiofrequency therapy.

Here are some of the results after snoring treatment at Veo Clinic:

Levels of Snoring

Snoring is a form of sleep apnea. During these episodes, a person will stop breathing for a few seconds to a few minutes. This can happen several times during a one hour period.

There are two levels of snoring. The first is caused by the throat and nose, and the second by the tongue. Snoring can occur for a number of reasons, such as being overweight, genetic factors, allergies, pregnancy, congestion, enlarged tonsils, a long uvula or soft palate, and extra or bulky tissue in the throat.

Aging, smoking, medications, muscle relaxants, and alcohol have also been known to contribute to snoring.

Hear from our patient below on his snoring treatment experience at Veo Clinic:

LAUP and RFITT for Snoring Treatment

LAUP, also known as Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty, is a very simple procedure. It uses laser technology and treatments are done under a local anesthetic.

The laser is used to reshape any excess soft tissue that is vibrating too much at the back of your throat.

LAUP will free up the airway, which allows your oxygen supply to increase, preventing snoring. It can take up to 3 or 4 treatments and you may experience mild soreness in the treated area for a few days.

RFITT, also known as Bipolar Radiofrequency Thermotherapy, is a gentle and quick treatment that uses radiofrequency.

The radiofrequency helps tighten the soft palate’s muscles to make it vibrate less when you are sleeping. During the procedure, the back of the throat is numbed using a local anesthetic. A slim instrument emitting a high frequency is then used to target the area. The heat that is emitted will cause a tightening of the muscles, both during the procedure and afterward.

The results can last for up to 6 months. After the treatment, you may experience mild soreness in the throat for a day or two.

Benefits of Snoring Treatment

The main benefit of snoring treatments is that it stops the issue causing the snoring, allowing for a better nights sleep.

Both treatments are quick and can be done in under an hour. Neither requires surgery or a stay in the hospital and the downtime is very minimal, with many people returning to their activities the same day.


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FAQs about Snoring Treatment in Malaysia

Treatments are done under a local anesthetic to ensure comfort during the procedure. You may experience some discomfort, such as soreness, in the area that has been treated.

Depending on the procedure, treatment can take between 15 minutes to 30 minute.