Mole / Skin Tag Removal in Malaysia (Kota Kemuning/Subang)


Skin tags or mole, while relatively harmless, can sometimes cause discomfort or embarrassment depending on where they occur.

To remove the mole/skin tag, we will first numb your skin before proceeding to use laser for the removal. The whole process will take around 30-45 minutes.

What are Skin Tags?
A skin tag is a soft, small growth that is generally skin-colored. It hangs off of the skin and resembles a wart. They are made up of blood vessels and loose fibers of collagen that are surrounded by skin.

They are quite common and can vary in color and size that ranges from a few millimeters to about 2 inches in width.

Skin tags tend to form in areas where there is constant friction, such as the groin, armpits, neck, underneath the folds of the buttocks, on eyelids, and underneath the breasts. Skin tags affect men and women, however, they tend to affect people with type 2 diabetes, the elderly, and pregnant women.

While harmless, skin tags can become a problem if they should suddenly cause discomfort and pain, such as being in an area where they are continuously being caught on clothing or jewelry, causing them to bleed.

Having skin tags can often affect a person’s self-confidence, which is another reason for having them removed. In some case, a skin tag will die and fall off on its own if they become twisted, causing a lack of blood supply to the area.

Our Procedures for Mole and Skin Tag Removal in Malaysia

Skin tags can be removed safely by our certified doctors depending on the size and location of the skin tag or mole.


With this treatment, a laser beam is targeted at the skin tag where the heat energy from the laser causes controlled ablation of a very fine layer of skin, subsequently removing the skin tag effectively and without pain.


With this treatment, a tiny probe that has an electric current is used. It will burn or cauterize the skin tag, effectively destroying the growth and causing it to fall off.

Benefits of skin tag removal

Having a skin tag removed can not only boost your self-confidence, it’s also a preventative measure for skin tags that are in an area that keeps it catching on clothing or jewelry, which can cause further irritation.
These treatments will not leave scarring, which you can often get when using over the counter treatments. They will permanently remove the skin tag in one session.


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FAQs About Skin Tag Removal in Malaysia

With skin tag cauterization you may feel a slight stinging sensation that can last for a few minutes after the treatment. The area treated may also feel itchy for a few minutes.

With laser treatment, a laser beam is targeted at the skin tag for an effective removal.

Skin tags can be removed in one session in most cases. However, if the removal of several skin tags is needed, for example on the face, then it can take a couple of sessions. This is to allow for treated areas to heal fully.

No, this is a myth. There is no evidence that suggests that having a skin tag removed will cause more to grow.