Clatuu Fat Freezing in Malaysia


Many people struggle with body fat, especially on getting rid of stubborn areas where fat seems to stay.

Clatuu in Malaysia is a treatment that can help get rid of those last few areas of stubborn fat, enhance the shape of your body, and help you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

What is Clatuu Fat Freezing?

Clatuu is an alternative method to traditional liposuction that is non-surgical. The process of cryogenic lipolysis involves freezing fat cells.

The temperature that is used in Clatuu freezes the fat to a degree that allows for the cells to be killed without harming the skin surrounding it.

This freezing process extracts energy from the layers of fat, which then causes the cells to gradually die. The fat cells are then digested and sent on to the lymphatic system to be filtered out of the body.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions:
🤔 Who is Clatuu suitable for?
A: Both Ladies and Men who have stubborn fats and unable to reduce the fats despite exercising or dieting.
🤔 How effective is the treatment?
A: Based on our experience, clients can expect each treatment to reduce up to 30% of fats. You can notice visible results even on the first session.
🤔 Is Clatuu in Malaysia safe?
A: Yes it is, as fat freezing is known to be a FDA approved procedure. The treatment is done personally by our doctor to ensure our clients experience the best results.

Process of Clatuu Fat Freezing Treatment 

You will first have a consultation with our Clatuu physician here at Veo Clinic to discuss your needs. Your physician will look at your body from different angles, focusing on the areas where fat has deposited in order to create a procedure plan for you.

The procedure is performed by a trained healthcare provider. A gel pad and a handheld applicator device are placed on the targeted area of fat.

The applicator will send controlled cooling to the area. The applicator is then moved over the skin, administering suction and cooling.

It’s common to experience a pinching or pulling sensation during the treatment. However, the overall treatment has minimal pain.

Immediately after your treatment, the area will be massaged to help break up frozen deep tissue, which helps the body to absorb the fat cells that have been destroyed.

A treatment can take between 1 to 3 hours depending on the areas being treated. You will see natural results with the areas gradually becoming smoother and more toned over the course of a few months.

Benefits of Clatuu

The Clatuu procedure can be done on a number of areas of the body, including the chin, arms, back, thighs, and stomach.

The results give a more sculpted look to the treated area. It’s a non-invasive procedure, requires no surgery, and has no downtime.

The results that you get are long-lasting. Clatuu can treat several areas at once, making it a more efficient way to get rid of fat.


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FAQs about Clatuu

During the first few minutes, you will feel an intense cold sensation that will dissipate shortly after. Depending on the applicator used, you may feel a pulling or pinching sensation when the suction is applied. You may experience a tingling sensation after your treatment as the area is being massaged.

Because the treatment is non-surgical there is minimum downtime. In most cases, you can return directly to your activities after the treatment.