Nose Thread Lift


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One of the most common areas of the face that people tend to want to change is the nose.

However, not everyone wants to have surgery or resort to having fillers used to get the shape they desire. This is where nose thread lifts come in!

It’s a procedure that requires no surgery and can help correct areas of the nose, such as its tilt and shape.

How Does a Nose Thread Lift Work?
Nose thread lifts are a form of augmentation of the nasal area. It’s far less invasive than having a surgical procedure done and doesn’t take very long to do.

The way a nose thread lift works is by using very fine threads. These threads can then be used to gain the shape that you want while adding height and definition.

The results can be seen immediately and will last much longer than nasal fillers.

The Nose Thread Lift Process
You will first have a consultation about what you dislike about your nose and what you want to achieve.

Before the procedure, your practitioner will make marks for where the threads will be inserted. A local anesthetic is then given to the tip, nasion (where the top of the ridge of the nose meets the forehead), and the middle bridge area of the nose.

Once the anesthetic has been given a small puncture, using a fine needle, is made in the tip of the nose. The threads are then inserted via a blunt cannula.

Threads are added to all of the areas needed to achieve the desired result. The entire process takes about 15 minutes and the threads themselves will disintegrate over the course of 1 to 2 years.

Benefits of Having a Nose Thread Lift
Whatever your reason for wanting to change the appearance of your nose, doing so with a nose thread lift is beneficial.

The biggest benefit is that a nose thread lift gives an effect that is semi-permanent. New collagen is naturally created, which will stay in the area treated once the threads had dissolved.

Its a minimally invasive procedure that is quick and has very little downtime. It can give the profile of your nose a straighter appearance.

It also gives more definition to the bridge of the nose. By raising the nose tip you can gain a sharper and smaller appearance. Because no fillers or surgery is involved in the procedure, there is a much lower risk of complications.


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After your procedure, it is normal to experience some swelling and soreness. This generally receded within a few days.

No. The threads used are invisible and very small. They will dissolve on their own over time. There are some instances where threads can be removed, however, such as when you are having a full facelift procedure.

Nose thread lifts can last up to 2 years. To achieve the best results, it is advised to have a second procedure done from 6 months to 1 year after the first.

No. A local anesthetic is used before the procedure for your own comfort.