Clatuu Fat Freezing


Clatuu Fat Freezing for ladies is our signature and popular treatment to remove stubborn fat!

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P.S – The treatment is done by an experienced and licensed doctor and we have served over 3,000+ clients at Veo Clinic.


Many people struggle with body fat, especially in getting rid of stubborn areas where fat seems to stay.
Clatuu is an aesthetic treatment that can help get rid of those last few areas of stubborn fat, enhance the shape of your body, and help you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Q: Who is Clatuu suitable for?
A: Both Ladies and Men who have stubborn fats and unable to reduce the fats despite exercising or dieting.

Q: How effective is the treatment?
A: Based on our experience, clients can expect each treatment to reduce up to 30% of fats. You can notice visible results even on the first session.

Q: Is Clatuu in Malaysia safe?
A: Yes it is, as fat freezing is known to be a FDA approved procedure. The treatment is done personally by our doctor to ensure our clients experience the best results.